Martina Navratilova has been competing in the tennis world since she was just 7 years old.  At the young age of 15, Martina won the Czechoslovakia National Tennis Tournament.  She was so good that the next season was invited to play in her first tournament in the United States.  In 1978, Martina won her first major singles title at Wimbledon and earned the #1 ranking in the world.  After losing in the first round of the French Open in 1983, she went on to win the other three major titles that year and have an 86-1 record in 1983.  Her dominance would continue years later, as she only lost 6 matches over a 3 year period, while beating the #2 ranked Chris Evert 13 times over this stretch.  Winning all the major titles several times throughout her career is why today she is known as one of the greatest women tennis players of all time. 



Martina Navratilova
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