About The Collective

The Collective Marketplace is athlete-controlled and designed to allow athletes to provide game-used, game-issued, team-issued, exclusively licensed and autographed  items in quantities they determine – giving them the ability to control their memorabilia’s sale and commercial value. Each item comes with a Letter of Authenticity. Additional athletes to come.
The Collective exists to create change in support of equity and fairness for women.  We aim to raise the visibility and drive inclusion of women in sports, entertainment and culture by providing unique insights, strategies, and ideas.  Learn more on Twitter @WassCollective and Instagram @wassermancollective.
  • The Collective Marketplace is the first-of-its-kind online platform that directly connects women athletes with fans by enabling fans to buy authentic game-used, team-issued autographed memorabilia and licensed products. 
  • The Collective Marketplace is 100% athlete-controlled, with items for sale as determined by the athlete.
  • Athlete responsibilities for each sale include a Letter of Authenticity, assistance with product launch via social media through mutually agreed upon content and occasional signings of memorabilia or press conference participation.
  • Joining The Collective Marketplace comes at no pressure to the athlete – quantity and participation is determined by athlete.
  • Other guidelines apply.
For more information, please contact Alec Bieber at abieber@cxstuff.com.
To learn more about The Collective and to receive updates from the newsletter, please visit wearethecollective.com.