Instructions On How to Upload Product & The Seller Fee Info

Adding Products – There are two options for uploading product, single and bulk upload.  See below

Single Upload:

  • On seller dashboard, go to Products>Product Listing>Add Product
  • Choose Product>Normal Product/Make an Offer>Product Name>Brief Description>Product Tags (see below)>Shipping Details (click Product Weight Chart below)>Pricing Details (enter price)>Inventory Details (choose Track This Product’s Inventory)>Quantity (enter qty)>Product Image (upload image(s))>Collections (see below)>Click Save Changes to list your item!

Collections & Tags Chart:
For items to display properly on the site, you must enter a collection and tag. See below for all collections and tags associated with them.

Baseball - Autographed Baseballs, Autographed Bats, Autographed Shoes, Autographed Hall of Fame Plaques, Autographed Hats, Autographed Helmets, Autographed Jerseys, Autographed Lithos, Autographed Photos, Autographed Posters, Autographed Trading Cards, Collages, Game Used, Other.

Football - Autographed Footballs, Autographed Hall of Fame Plaques, Autographed Hats, Autographed Helmets, Autographed Jerseys, Autographed Lithos, Autographed Mini-Helmets, Autographed Photos, Autographed Posters, Autographed Shoes, Autographed Trading Cards, Collages, Game Used, Other.

Basketball - Autographed Basketballs, Autographed Hall of Fame PlaquesAutographed HatsAutographed JerseysAutographed LithosAutographed PhotosAutographed PostersAutographed ShoesAutographed Trading CardsCollages, Game Used, Other

Hockey - Autographed Hats, Autographed HelmetsAutographed Hockey SticksAutographed JerseysAutographed LithosAutographed Mini-HelmetsAutographed PhotosAutographed PostersAutographed PucksAutographed SkatesCollages, Game Used, Other

Other - Auto RacingBoxingExtreme SportsGolfHorse RacingLacrosseMMAOlympics, Historical, Team USATennisWrestling, Soccer

Entertainment – Movie, Music, TV

Product Weight Chart – This is a required field. Please use the chart attached for each item listed. Please use grams when using the bulk upload template and lbs when adding products one at a time.

Bulk Upload Option:

On your seller dashboard, go to Products>Product Listing>More Action>Add Product by CSV (click this template Marketplace Bulk Upload Template, following the below instructions and save)

  • Unique Id – Leave blank
  • Title – The title of item, for example: Magic Johnson Signed Indoor/Outdoor Basketball
  • Description – Brief description of item 
  • Type – Physical Product
  • Tags – Use tags chart
  • Option Name1 - Title
  • Option Value1 – Default Title
  • Option Name2 – Leave blank
  • Option Value2 – Leave blank
  • Option Name3 – Leave blank
  • Option Value3 – Leave blank
  • Variant SKU – Leave blank
  • Variant Grams – Use weight chart above
  • Variant Inventory Tracking - Shopify
  • Variant Qty – Whatever qty is available
  • Variant Price – Your price
  • Variant Compare at Price – Leave blank
  • Variant Requires Shipping - True
  • Variant Barcode - Leave Blank
  • Charge Taxes - True
  • Collection – Use collection chart
  • Inventory Policy - deny
  • Image Url – If you have multiple images, separate each image with a comma

>Save CSV spreadsheet, go back to the seller dashboard and use Method-1 to upload CSV.

Seller Fees

  • Commission: CollectibleXchange receives 15% or an agreed upon percentage which includes drop-shipping of product to customer.
  • Authentication:
  1. Item(s) with no authentication – CollectibleXchange will authenticate for $10 - $120 depending on the item, who autographed it and how many autographs it contains.
  2. Item(s) that failed authentication – Seller will be charged $5 for any item that fails authentication, solely at the discretion of CollectibleXchange plus return shipping.
  • Insurance – When shipping please add insurance for items $100 and above.  

Payout will occur once tracking info has been sent to

Any questions, please contact us at 888-415-2434 or email us at