Acquiring your favorite autographed collectible can be one of the most exciting investments you make - as long as it is authentic. At CollectibleXchange, the integrity of each of our hand-signed collectibles is paramount. In order to guarantee the authenticity of your hand-signed sports collectible, CollectibleXchange representatives witness athlete signings and authentication sessions. A tamper-resistant numbered QR hologram is affixed to each item. This is our assurance that your autographed collectible is 100% authentic. In some instances, athletes may have contractual obligations with other companies. In those instances, we work directly with the 3rd party companies in order to obtain authentic collectibles. Each company we work with provides us with an affidavit stating that they adhere to a similar authentication process as CollectibleXchange. When obtaining a collectible from a 3rd party, you will receive their hologram and/or COA, as well as the Xchange card.

Yes, we have many different items in our inventory. Please call with specific questions regarding an item.

After submitting an order on the website,  you will receive an e-mail which will include an order confirmation number.

Orders typically ship within 48 business hours. If the order requires framing or special requirements, it may take additional time to ship. If you have a send in or pre-order connected to a signing, it will ship after the signing takes place.

Coupon codes and additional discounts are not valid on promotional items or items with discounted pricing.

Should you need to contact CollectibleXchange regarding an issue, please email us at generalinfo@CollectibleXchange.com or call (888-415-2434).

CollectibleXchange does purchase collectibles from the open market. Please contact us at generalinfo@CollectibleXchange.com or call (888-415-2434). We ensure authenticity of every item we purchase before affixing the CollectibleXchange hologram to the product.

CollectibleXchange does appraise and/or authenticate collectibles. Please contact us at generalinfo@CollectibleXchange.com.

CollectibleXchange maintains contracts with some of the biggest names in professional sports. This exclusive relationship allows fans to get closer to the game with unique collectibles and an opportunity to have their personal piece signed by their favorite athlete. We realize that authenticity is the most important factor in buying collectibles, and exclusive contracts allow you to be 100% confident with your purchase.