A friend's conversation with God

Over the past 7 or so years, I have posted over 2,500 blogs. Last week's blog, "What if you could talk to God?" had the most responses I have ever had! But this response, from my friend Kate Veley, stood out a lot. She was able to elaborate on a full conversation she had with God. I thought I would share it with you.

My Dear World,

This is God.

Social media is not typically the way I’d prefer to communicate with you, but I guess it’s time that even I “get with the program,” so here goes…

First of all, please know “I hear you,” those of you who regularly talk with me, and those who’ve reached out just recently. I’m listening and if you’re quiet, and thoughtful, I’m answering you. It may not be the answer you want, it may not come quickly or in the manner you expected, but no prayer will go unanswered.

I know you’re scared, worried, sad, overwhelmed and feeling pretty helpless and isolated right now, but remember you’re never alone, for “this too shall pass.” Let me try and explain…

Just a few months ago, life for each of you was probably feeling pretty good. You had a job and perhaps a little money in the bank. You could provide for your family, buy what you wanted, and life, for the most part, was carefree. And then in a blink, it wasn’t anymore…

I know many of you have lost your business, your job, your freedom, and your loved ones. You’re not sure how to pay the bills that keep coming, how you’ll put food on the table, or what the future will look like. “I hear you.”

The world I created for you has changed in ways I never could have imagined. Some of the changes you’ve made are positive ones (I love the creativity, the beauty and the music you’ve added), but you’ve also disregarded this space that I’ve given you, and the nature that you share it with. This planet was intended to last indefinitely, far beyond your own lifetime, but I worry that you don’t feel responsible for it or recognize the role that each of you play in its survival.

I’ve heard your saying, “If God brings you to it, he’ll bring you through it.” That’s catchy :), and yes, it’s true. But you’re each always looking for someone else to ‘fix’ it, and this is on you. I created every one of you. You are each unique and beautiful and  extraordinary in my eyes, but why can’t you see that in each other? The color of your skin, who you love, what you believe, were all intentional traits that I gifted you with so that you could make a difference in your world. Individually you are my masterpieces. Together you are your future.

One day, when you come home to me, as each of you assuredly will, I’ll be there to meet you at the gate and we’ll talk. I’ll want to know what you’ve learned from your time on Earth, what you’re proud of, the mistakes you’ve made and whether you learned from them. I’m hoping that you’ll feel you left the world a better place, through your kindness, your generosity, your talents, and your empathy. Now is a good opportunity to decide who you want to be, and what changes you need to make to get there. Are you ready for our little chat??

I guess my point is that right now, you have an unprecedented opportunity to choose a new path and I hope you’ll take this time to thoughtfully think about your journey, the road you’re on, and how it contributes to the world. Just take a moment to look around you (from indoors please). Look at the healthcare workers, police, firefighters and service members who are risking their own lives to care for others – ALL others. Consider the people whose jobs are truly essential, who are working to keep governments functioning, provide the food and medicine and services that you still need. Have you thanked them? Are you helping them by doing your part to just stay home for a while? I’ve been watching…

I know you’re frightened. A pandemic of this magnitude is new to me too, and while I’d like to say this will never happen again, I can’t make that promise to you. But this is what I can promise you… if you work together, you’ll get through this and learn from it, and be stronger. It’s why I gave you perseverance. If you take this time to honestly evaluate your life, to find “joy in the journey,” then you as a society will be stronger. It’s why I gave you truthfulness. If you sincerely appreciate all that I’ve given you by caring for your natural resources and loving ALL the people with whom you share this space, you as a planet will be stronger. It why I gave you humanity.

I am listening to your prayers, but please listen for my answers. They can be found in the angels I’ve placed all around you. Their wings may be hidden behind PPE, uniforms of all kinds or flak jackets. They might be standing behind assembly lines constructing respirators or sitting behind sewing machines making masks. They’re tired, but their resilient. They continue to hold a mic to keep you connected to the world, a hammer to build a temporary hospital, or a phone to try and answer your questions. They could be teaching your kids through a computer, checking out your groceries, or just quietly dropping off food at a pantry, checking on a neighbor who is alone, or donating money to a non-profit. Now do you see them?

Know that I am with your loved ones, protecting those that I can, and gently holding the hands of those who’ve come home to me. Each star in the sky is a soul looking down over you. Each raindrop is a kiss hello. Each cardinal is a loved one making sure you’re ok. You are never alone.

Be strong. Use this time wisely. Focus on the future. Use your talents and help each other. Love each other… just as I have always loved you.



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