My wife said I need to have patience…

My wife told me I need to have more patience…If I wanted to have patience, I would’ve been a doctor! I have become stir crazy not leaving my house...

It’s hard to imagine anybody who hasn’t started to go crazy. So many people have had a significant loss of some sort during this crisis - financial, emotional, or the loss of a loved one. Times like this certainly raise anxiety levels and feelings of desperation, sadness and, in some cases, pure torture.

Here are a few things I have learned and taken from the past few months staying home:

  • Not being in control is a HUGE adjustment, a profound feeling
  • I have learned a lot about what matters most (hint: it’s not money). I hear Earth and Mother Nature taking to us, so we better start listening! Earth needs heeling!
  • I must pay more attention to politics and the ALL elected officials. ie: Congress, governors, mayors and senators matter a ton!
  • The definition of urgency is NOW!
  • Fighting for your life makes everything else you have done feel rather dull
  • It’s great making money, having a big office and title. However, as we move forward, don’t lose site of the common good! * That’s what’s important in life! It’s everything….
    1. I have realized We are all a part of a much larger collective greater group. We can’t allow petty differences between people, countries and religions pull us apart. -- must remain UNITED as a common good. When we do, it’s amazing what we can get done.
  • How often do you hear HEALTH IS VITAL – IT’S EVERYTHING! (it’s true)
  • Tough times don’t last! Tough people do!
  • We can all take any amount of pain, if we know it will end. This virus will end…
  • Life without sports is seriously painfully!!

I’ve also learned to look ahead….

$$ - What can I sell parents come December or January? (hint: that’s 9 months from now)

$$ - How will restaurant delivery and pick up adapt to the changing food landscape?  I see a TON of growth potential for businesses who “figure it out.” (Maybe I can go back to my roots in the restaurant and hospitality industry and help restaurant grow their takeout and delivery plans!)

Most importantly, you don’t want to go to your grave knowing that during a time of crisis like this, you did nothing-- to better yourself or anybody else. You must do what you can to make a difference, to help those in need (see #6).

Don’t waste a crisis!  Take the time to reset and think how you can be better, add more value to your relationships, be a better employee, a better spouse, get healthier!  And make some new dreams or restart thinking about living your dreams you never got to!

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