Syracuse Guard Teisha Hyman first ever Autograph

Have you thought about your first autograph? With the new "NIL" laws, thousands of college athletes will be signing their first ever autographs. I have conducted thousands of signings throughout my career, but there is no signing I enjoy more than an athletes first. 

Today I got the amazing opportunity of being with Syracuse guard Teisha Hyman, as she was able to sign her first ever signature, a very special moment to witness. 

It's fun to be able to sign your first ball, racquet, jersey, etc... but being able to sell the item for profit becomes a bit more tricky. This is where I come in with my new company Athlete Direct, because with us, not only do we have an existing platform with hundreds of client athletes already, but we have a respected and trusted brand name. 

Look out for lots of ongoing content on the changing "NIL" landscape. We are committed to helping the NCAA athlete navigate these new uncharted waters safely and profitably. 

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