Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right but Two Rights Make An Airplane

Here's my big question of the day:

If you're partners with someone who does something wrong and you know about it, how much are you a part of any of that wrongdoing?

If you have a friend that does something wrong to another friend and you know about it, what does that say about you for allowing it to happen? Because you didn't say anything, aren't you still responsible to protect your friend?

It always makes me laugh when I call a company that I have a problem with; a company that maybe has made a mistake or treated me unfairly, and speak to someone who says to me "it's not me, it's the company policy". Essentially saying "don't blame me, blame the company."

No no no. Not so fast, my friend.

You are the company you keep, and what does that say about you?

It kills me to watch someone work for 15 years for a company and then get fired and bitch about the company. Seriously, what does that say about you? How bad was it that you took the money for 15 years to support you and your family? If it was so bad, why did you stay?

Did you just do it for the money? Not sure how bad the company was, but shame on you.

How about the guy who complains about his wife he's been married to for 20 years, going on and on about all the bad things she did or didn't do.

What does this say about you? Why weren't you fighting or working harder to make your relationship better or why wouldn't you have ended it? After all, you did take a vow and make a commitment to that person when you married them. I don't know if that vow includes staying with them if you're absolutely miserable.

I know that not all relationships are bound to work out, but it's the aftermath of the breakdown that I question. What part of this mess do you own as a friend/spouse/ business associate?

It's not your friend, your wife, or your company you should be complaining about and mad with. It should be YOU you're mad at - get mad at YOURSELF - for tolerating the unhappiness and accepting something you know was wrong!

I was just thinking today about my inventory of things I tolerate, or some friends who do wrong and stay silent. Man, I've gotta stick my head out the window TODAY! I'm mad as hell, and I am not gonna take it anymore!


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