What Does It Mean to Be Truly All-In?

What does it mean to be truly all-in?

It’s simple, but not easy, There is a formula:  

Start with a purpose. This will lead to imagination, determination, creativity and focus. Then, and only then, are you ready for the process to start!

You will then need to have agreement / understanding of what it will take. Then, you can make a commitment, which will bring you to passion.

Passion = All-In

Come up with an agreement--with yourself, your boss or whomever you’re going all-in for. Understand exactly what the plan is.

Do you know what winning is for your boss? Your spouse? etc.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you need to make an agreement with yourself that you’re not going to surpass a number of calories per day, no matter what. You’re going to get on the treadmill every night, no matter what!

If your boss wants you to hit certain sales numbers, you both have to be in agreement with that goal and understand what is needed to get there--weekends at the office, early mornings, etc.

Once you’re in agreement, you need to stick to that agreement. Whether written or verbal, it's a contract. You need to carry out that contract, no matter what. That’s commitment.

Once you’ve been committed long enough, you’ll know true passion. Purpose combined with true passion means working at something no matter what the world throws at you...that is what being all-in is all about!

There are too many people that have it backwards. They wait around for passion to strike them, thinking that once it does, they’ll commit themselves to its source. But, the reality is that it happens the other way around: having a purpose and commitment to something will lead to passion.

Will you be able to say you’re truly all-in? At home, work, school, etc. 

Where does "Ollin" come from?

My friend Kevin Hall talks about this in his book Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words.

Ollin is a word on the Aztec calendar. When a great storm or earthquake was about to shake the earth, the Aztecs would shout "Ollin!" which means "You gotta move and act right now, with all your heart!" When opportunities present themselves - like the chance to service a client, for instance - you gotta move and act ollin. It's the mentality of being action-oriented. When a client needs something, ollin is about getting it done right now. When you approach things like that, you develop a momentum that goes forward and up, not backwards and down. Ollin is for people who act. I have several friends who are multi-millionaires, and the one thing they have in common besides being humble and curious is that they act. Right now. They pick up the phone immediately and take advantage of an opportunity immediately.

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